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    First off this console is amazing so my hats off to everyone that’s helped make any part of this happen. The Channel to All Mix feature is my favorite feature on the console and I love to see it beefed up a bit more.

    I want to be able to Select an FX Send on a Layer, Press Channel to All Mix, and have the console spill all channels actively routed to that FX Send across the layers. I would use this to quickly validate routing & make on the fly send adjustments to multiple channels while quickly being able to return to where I was.

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    this is not working as you intend…
    since by default all channels are routed to all FX and only brought down in level
    this feature will lead to spill all channels all the time unless you are do not route them to the FX
    but this will be an unexpected behaviour on a live mixing desk for nearly all users if this would become the default

    the mix buttons for the fx sends are always present on the surface
    so it’s very easy to make adjustments to the mixes
    and you can use the DCA spill feature to organize your channels and your layout different from the layers

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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