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    Does anyone know why this cable wouldn’t work between a Qu16 and an AB168?

    Cable distance perhaps (100M)? Does nothing when plugged in to both units, but a basic CAT5 @ 200 ft works fine.

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    Distance shouldn’t be an issue – are the ends wired correctly? Does it work as a plain ethernet cable?

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    I just read up on this and Cat6 will perform worse with a length over 55 meters. I’m not sure about the DSnake protocol since I’m not proficient at networking, but I read the following and wonder if it has anything to do with your problem, qsdito – 100 meters for slower network speeds (up to 1,000 Mbps) and higher network speeds over short distances. For Gigabit Ethernet, 55 meters max, with 33 meters in high crosstalk conditions.
    I don’t know if the speed of the DSnake protocol is in the same range as Gigabit Ethernet. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will chime in and let us know if my finding is relevant at all.

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    And I just read [XAP]Bob’s reply. @bob, why is length most likely not the issue here?

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    Cat6 will perform worse with a length over 55 meters

    Really ? can you supply that link for reading?
    I use both cat 5 (50 metres) and 5E and 6E all 50 meters metres and under.
    And they are all just off the shelf called or labelled ‘patch leads’.
    Never had any problems

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    Because dSnake is 100Mbit.
    And because cat5 and Cat6 both have a 100M limit on 100Mbit traffic.

    I know I have abused those lengths before (although not in a dSnake env)

    There is another thread running on cat5vcat6 at the moment…

    CAT6 maximum length

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    The reduced length only depends on transmission speed not cable category. Length needs to be shorter for higher bandwidth to maintain signal integrity. As Bob said, dSnake is 100MBit/s regardless of the cable.

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    NZdave, here is a link to one of the few articles I read –
    It is the difference between Cat5e and Cat6. I don’t think it talks about Cat6a.
    The article in the link supports [XAP]Bob and Andreas – the transmission speed suffers with longer cable length on Cat6. With the dSnake protocol at 100MBit/s, it’s well under the transmission speed (10Gbps) that is limited to 55 meters on Cat6. From what I read, the dSnake speed should make the cable length difference irrelevant between Cat5e and Cat6, just as [XAP]Bob stated. Both Cat5e and Cat6 should perform the same for dSnake (in theory).

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    I have successfully run dsnake over cat5e to a length of 425+ feet (130 m).
    I plan on testing 575 feet this weekend as I have another 150 foot duracat to use to extend the network.
    Like it was mentioned at 100mbit it is not restricted to 55 meters.

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