Can someone help me figure out controling Mixing station with Midi strips?

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    I have read all of the documentation. Yet I tend to get erratic issues on the dlive when I enable the midi tcp option on a windows machine. For instance, today I was troubleshooting with an Avantis which has a very similar setup as the Dlive. I was trying to configure Midi strips to control faders in mixing station (a 3rd party app that accepts midi control) I was using the Mackie Control protocol. While I was trying to figure out how to get Mixing station to accept the signal I noticed that a regular channel strip assigned to a tom drum on the Avantis was glitching out and had been raised from about 0db and was glitching back and fourth between 8.6-8.7db every 80ms or so. As soon as I unchecked the connection box on the AH-MIDI Control app, the erratic fader level changes stopped.

    I’d like to figure out how to use midi strips, but is there a way to use them without risking random midi messages changing various other aspects of the console? Another time when midi-control app was on with a Dlive, I witnessed a channel flipping a dca assignment on and off. It is really scary when this happens because all sorts of random parameters can be changed on the console without you realizing it before it is too late.

    to get to the point: How do you utilize midi strips to control a daw or 3rd party app without risking any of the mixer parameters or routing being changed? Thanks for any tips.

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