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    Hello. I have been using QU as DAW with USB-B (streaming). absolutely brilliant!
    However I would like to connect via Ethernet as per page 2 of 3 in DAW control setup guide
    Tried everthing, Can you help?


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    According to that guide you just posted, it’s only the GLDs that can do it over ethernet. For the QU it has to be USB.

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    Thanks for the reply. That page is rather ambiguous however thanks for verifying to me.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Davyd,

    You should be able to connect over Ethernet. The reason why we only refer to USB in the pdf is that it’s plug ‘n play and most will use USB for audio anyway.

    First, make sure the mixer is set to a static IP address compatible with your computer. By default it is set to DHCP which will not work when connected directly into a computer. For example, set the Qu to and your Mac to or similar, both with subnet In DAW Control, choose TCP/IP. If the mixer is not available in the dropdown box, type in its IP address and tick the Connect box.

    Note that the Qu will only support one Network connection. You cannot run DAW Control at the same time as Qu-Pad for example.

    Hope this helps.

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    I stand corrected then 🙂

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    thank you Nicola. Fab! so here is my plan. I want to connect 2x QU16’s to my MacBook. 1 via USB-B streaming and 2nd QU via Ethernet. I successfully can run 2 of the DAW conversion Apps 1.1 which I installed into a separate folder within the apps ok. And then Run Reaper software with both mixers. 1-16 and 17-32 [dedicated faders]. Sure I can already run Reaper with that many tracks with just 1 QU and get instant access by either high lighting the 1st bank of faders [1-16] or second set [17-32] any thoughts on that? I suspect my stumbling block will be the QU only sends port 1 and port 2? I have been able to run both on USB-B however I can not get Reaper to differentiate between the 2 mixers..
    Anyhow you have helped me. I’ll try the Ethernet.

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    Thanks for your help. I have not been able to connect via Ethernet. I must have tried every conceivable combination of IP address’s and subnet’s. Typed into the A&H daw control… tried 2 different QU16’s, hard reset both desks. Turned off DHCP, At a bit of a loss really. The A&H daw software version 1.1 just says ‘connecting’ but comes back everytime with ‘not connected’. USB streaming is flawless.

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    Paul Swytch

    I’ve got a fix for you Dhak. It’s a funny work around but once I
    cracked the code, (several hours later) the weight it takes off of
    the processor was worth it.

    This is what I did on a 2011 15″ MacBook Pro while still running my
    wifi signal to control other devices.

    Plug a cat5 cable directly from your computer to the Qu.

    Open Preferences in OSX and click on Network.

    On the left hand side you should see the ‘Ethernet’ device and in most
    cases it will say connected. Click on the ‘Ethernet’ device to get to
    its properties. It should say connected, but if not go to the “Configure IPv4” drop down and select
    ‘Using DHCP’. This will generate the correct ip addresses you will need for 2 parts of the
    network settings on the Qu.

    At this point you should have information (DHCP) from the computer, so write down the
    ip address
    subnet mask

    On the Qu, hit ‘setup’, then click the Control tab.
    Now click on the ‘Network’ tab and make sure that DHCP is turned off.

    Enter the IP address on the Qu somewhere in the same range as the ip
    address on the computer. (If your computer’s DHCP IP address is,
    Make the IP Address for the Qu something like

    Next add the Subnet mask from your computers ethernet DHCP connection to the
    Subnet of the Qu.

    Final step,

    Add the IP address of your DHCP ethernet connection as the Gateway on the Qu,
    turn on DAW Control – enter the IP of the Qu and – BEWM! Connected.

    Hope this helps, any questions you can email me on my site –

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    So if I understood it – this post seems to be about getting 2 QUs to act as separate control surfaces for DAW automation so that you don’t have swap layers on a single QU machine– am I correct? I can see why you would want to do this..

    But stepping back — can you stream input from 2 QU16 into Reaper or any other DAW for that matter and in this way record 32+ channels at once? That would be cool..
    How do I set up to do that if it is possible?

    Thanks for the post Davyd. Hope you are well.


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