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    I sometimes slide a channel fader all the way up and find that more of that channel would be preferable. That channel’s gain is already giving generous signal. To compensate, I reduce all faders by about 3dB (tedious) and boost the mix fader 3dB. Now I have 3dB of headroom at the original channel. With the motorized faders and software, a feature could be implemented to obtain fader headroom at the touch of a button. I observed a vacant area on the mix screen between “Source Select” and the “Preamp Model” pane. This area could be named “Fader Headroom” and have buttons “+3dB” and “-3dB” for easy undo. If a channel fader is at minus infinity when either button is pressed, that channel remains at minus infinity. If the mix fader is within 3dB of max, the +3dB button would be grayed out. Developers and testers could work out more edge cases.

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