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    I really struggled with this for a week and only just getting my head around this now. I must be one of those really slow guys. Probably my age.
    The are 3 PDF and it was not until a couple of words on a page near the end of the 3rd PDF that the light bulb went off.
    If I struggled, then other people must have as well.
    And thanks to an unofficial youtube clip it is starting to make sense.
    And even the official youtube clip it goes over just that part (so fast) I wanted to know about.

    So I have a problem.
    I can not get any metering happening (in ME1) when I have made a group with members. ?

    dave hodge AK NZ

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    does this just happen when you are using groups?

    Is the direct output on the desk set to follow fader (i.e. post fade) ad he channel faders are not up?

    do you have both the group members and the group masters turned up?

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    Hello Ian and all who read this original post.
    As Sir Edmund Hillary said after he climbed Mount Everest
    “We (i) Knocked the bugger off!”
    I Sussed it man!
    Got the meters back!
    I re- watched the official A&H YouTube clips Video 1 & 2
    and re- typed them into a word.doc. and reworded a part of that of [which to me] is back to front or in the wrong place. Affirmation in a way.
    Just really did this for myself and anyone else who has the problem of trying to figure out how to nut out this little digital mixer (which has a digital split).
    Because it’s not until you get to that level of thinking that you can get to the bottom of the gravel heap.
    I had the volume’s set too low internally within the ME1 for the meters to even raise.
    The meters are different to QU metering in as much as they are like a rubber band and very slow to move. More like slow analogue VU meters.
    I have found I really need to drive the internal ME1 Group volumes to get the meter to read.
    And to tell a funny story I was yelling into the old mic rather than just tapping it and my partner came running asking if I was alright? “sounded like you were dying”
    I was just trying to get the limiter to work of which I did.
    Interestingly I found have to really get the meters up and only then… turn up the output master.

    A clear Mylar template with brief words laid over the ME1 would be a great feature.
    However I’ll just use some thing else to remind myself which button (key) to press to get EQ etc..

    I run the system PRE everything like a monitor desk at this moment.
    That may change to Pre EQ to pick up the high pass filter
    I’m still a little confused about the ‘store mode’ or when I am in that mode.?

    Thanks for replying


    dave NZ

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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