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    In addition to sound, I also do a lot of lighting. In our system we what’s called a blind mode. It allows us to leave the current state of the board where it is, and allows us to modify other cues / scenes. So if we need to pull a light out of a scene several scenes from now because of something that’s come up (it’s live, right?), it can be done in the blind mode.

    I would like to suggest something like this for the GLD. If I get a text from the music director, “hey, we are going to skip the full drum set for the next song. We are going to a cajone on mic 6 instead”. You could go into ‘blind’, pull up the next scene pull the drum kit out, put the cajone in, change the reverb and anything else that needed to be done. Another example… It would also be helpful for those days where you realize that you had the ipad (used for walk in music) saved in all the cues because it was up while they were doing sound check and while saving all the scenes. If this device is not controlled by me and someone cues up some music, it’s bad news if I don’t remember to drop down a layer and pull down the fader at the recall of every cue. In a Blind mode, I could call up a cue, (which we CAN NOT do live as the all settings change for that song, right?) In a blind situation, you can pull up that scene, make your changes safely while the live / current situation is unchanged.

    I know I personally have had enough situations where this would have been a life saver. Things where you know you need to fly on those faders as soon as the scene hits because things have changed since sound check. It DOES take some getting doing to get your head wrapped around to use it, but it is a fantastic feature in live environments.

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    this is called “preview” mode at scene recall

    the dLive will get this, but I doubt that this is possible for GLD

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    I’ve never tried this, and it would probably be too much hassle, but I THINK you could probably do this with a pc. Attach it, or copy the show using a USB, then with the network detached, make the required edits on the PCC, save the scene, then reconnect and save to the gld. Something like that. I’m just not sure what happens when you reconnect, but I think the PC sets to the current gld faders rather than the other way around.

    But even if it works, it’s not exactly straightforward.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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