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    The LED of a Softkey assignet to “Reload Scene x” should be on as long as x is the current Scene.

    Result: if you assign a hand full of scenes to Soft Keys, let’s say for switching between the different Actor groups of the Show, the Operator can see immediately “where we are”.

    Additional Idea: the LED could change color when the scene is modified but not stored (and back when it is stored or reloaded).

    Don’t know if the second Idea is so easy to realize, i would think the first one is not very hard but handy.

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    +1 For me especially on midi softkeys, i dont see why you wouldn’t leave the light on while activated.

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    add another +1 from me – just spent a few minutes searching for how to do exactly this.

    Soft key stays lit for MUTE function
    Soft key lights up and stays lit when ready for Clear PAFL

    These are great!

    Use soft key to select a scene? No light. Sad face.

    Now my small, easily intimidated crew of volunteers have to either remember which scene they last picked, or remember to look at the screen and find the current scene, etc.

    I had to redo a bunch of work because I was forgetting which scene I had selected and ended up overwriting changes, etc.

    As for changing colour, it could blink. That’s how the Zoom L-12 works. Pick a scene and button stays lit – make a change and button blinks to indicate you have deviated. Great visual cue to help decide if I want to commit changes and to confirm where I am.

    Light up the Scene Soft Key!

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