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    So glad, that finally there will be a smaller sized AVANTIS!
    Right now I´m thinking about possible implementations in my setup

    It´s not a problem to have just 12 Faders, but I would love to have more layers then to be able to handle all the possible IN / OUT / DCA / FX Ret. / etc. in a organized manner. 6×12 Faders is quite short for all the channels the console is able to do…
    Due to the fact, that there are just 6 hardware buttons for layer select, it could possibly be done by a softkey or touchscreen button with a A/B Master Bank Select (like in the director to change to the view of the second screen and Fader bay) This would double up the layers!

    For the same reason I would appreciate to have the option to use the controls beside the screen also as volume (fader) for certain channels or DCAs. MAIN OUT / MATRIX OUT for FOH applications, MATRIX OUT for Big MON / Small MON in the studio, Listening wedge, MIX out for Engineers IEM in MON application. So yo don´t need to freeze channels that you need to have “hands on” regardless of the layer you ere on and therefore you have more space on the 12 faders for other channels.

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    Hey Lobo,

    The strip layout is recallable with a scene, if you use the recall filter to block all changes OTHER than the strip layout, you can then assign this to a softkey.

    This effectively gives you a whole 6 layers per softkey, so 108 layers, or 1296 assignable fader strips in total, if you so wanted!

    Otherwise you can always expand with an IP8 for additional faders.

    In terms of additional screens, Director is designed to be used as an extension of the console if you want to have an additional screen with more infomation on.

    If what you really want is an additional 12 faders AND another screen, you can always consider the Dual Screen Avantis!

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    Thanks Jack,
    if you use the console always in the same setup it might be a possible solution, but during a show I need that the strip layout changes with every scene…
    No need for an additional sceen, just looking for more fader LAYERS.
    But nevertheless, enhancing the possibilities of the fast grab rotaries to volume control would be great.
    Talking about director, when will the new version with the solo included be available?

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    I posted a response, but it disappeared when I edited it.

    Another solution is to use the third party app Mixing Station along with some motorized Midi faders (like the Behringer X Touch Extender or Waves FIT). You can have as many “layer” buttons as you want on the Mixing Station screen and pressing one of the buttons would change the Midi faders to show whatever you programmed them to be. Effectively you could have an unlimited number of “layer” buttons available on the Mixing Station system. It could sit right next to the console and be a great place to access important, but less used faders during a show.

    This video shows two of the Behringer X Touch extenders being use in leu of a console, but you could have a similar setup next to the Avantis. https://youtu.be/7K434wP5yvs?si=4O-8Cx-3J1hsU4Mh&t=14

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    Thanks Brian.
    Mixing Station seems to be a very intresting app though. Not only for AVANTIS but also for other projects where I was looking for a customizable surface to control onnly a few things in a digital mixer. Should give it a deeper look!

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    I should note that I wholeheartedly support the original statement and hope that A&H adds more layer capacity to the Solo. There are plenty of user defined keys that could be programmed for this purpose if A&H makes the necessary changes in the firmware to support this.

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    Nicola A&H

    Just adding another view here as we’ve seen more and more engineers take advantage of DCA spills for channel navigation. Shows with over a hundred channels are commonly mixed on a C1500 / CTi1500, often with DCA strips on the top layer and spills driving population of the Surface. More spills can be activated by SoftKeys even without the DCA fader in the strip layout – essentially what other manufacturers call ‘population groups’ – making it possible to navigate many more channels than what the 6 layers x 12 faders would suggest.

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    Hi Nicola,
    Thats a good point, haven´t thought about it yet beacause I always associated the DCA spill with a DCA Fader on the surface. But the option to use a softkey instead could be a good option to create more “virtual” Layers. Thanks.

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    Hi Jack,

    While I can appreciate you coming up with a ‘work around’ this only really over complicates what should have been a feature from the start IMHO.

    I also can appreciate that DCA spils also can help the situation. But on high channel counts 24+ the 6 layers become an issue especially if you want to use custom layers.

    Is there any major issues in the software and hardware, that could prevent the development of this feature to assign extra layers to soft keys in future software upgrades. Without having to use the scenes option which again is only really a work around at this moment in time.

    We run the OG 2 screen versions, we are interested in the Solo but I’m not willing to invest until there is a definitive answer to this question. It also seems like I’m not the only one as I had discussions with Tom from AT-UK at Plaza Focus and our normal supplier AC Technologies. Who say that other customers like myself have the same concerns. Holding them back from investing.

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