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    Over the past couple weeks, our Avantis board and GX4816 stage box are losing connection. It happened again last night. We went from a rehearsal right into our mid-week church gathering, and the two lost connection at the last 5 seconds of our preservice countdown. NO PA. one of my tech assistants quickly rebooted the GX4816, and we were back and running in just a few seconds. This has happened more that it ever should. We updated the Firmware, as recommended by Sweetwater techs, where we purchased the system. No difference, and completely random. There is no set of variable or conditions that we have observed that would be a pattern. And all of our systems are on battery backup UPS’s, so power fluctuation shouldn’t be in the equation.

    I’m baffled, and extremely stressed. If I can’t anticipate or predict this, we are at the mercy of this failure which seems to be occurring more and more the past few days. Any insight, known issues, or recommendation are welcome. I have a call and a ticket into Allen Heath and am waiting for their response.

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    This may be superfluous, but have you changed the cabling between the two devices?
    If at all possible, I’d leave the two units running overnight in a test setup, sitting next to each other and directly connected, feed a constant test signal into the stage box and record the output of the console (preferably the analogue outs)
    Then you can check the recording the next day to see if there were any dropouts. This might give you a clue, at least.

    Totally a stressful situation indeed.
    Good luck!

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    Florian Steppke

    What exact cat-cable are you using? Cat5,6,7?length of the cable? Is a dx012 also involved? Maybe the Ethercon is not properly mounted? Do you habe a cat-cable tester at Hand?

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    charles Lagueritte

    Exactly same problem with 2 different good quality precise 100m Cat6 ethercon cables.
    Need to unplugged and plugged again the Slink port with of course NO PA.
    No Power fluctuation, NO switch, NO adapter rj45…

    Extremely stressful at FOH.

    Please fixe this quickly with firmware upgrade !

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