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    Too many dancing unicorns can cause it to fail…

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    Hello! greetings from Peru. I have an Allen Heat QU32 and it’s been about two months since I installed the dSnake Allen Heat AR2412. Everything was working fine, until one night there was no sound anymore. The next day I checked everything, the QU32 console works perfectly, but I noticed that on the screen, in the lower right part, the yellow dS figure did not appear, indicating that the console is connected to the dSnake… The AR2412 turns on normal, it emits the lights, but the QU32 console does not recognize it, and therefore, I have no audio input or output… How do I solve this problem? Thank you.

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    Mike C

    Try another cable, if possible bring the AR2412 to the mixer and use a shot jumper.

    Does this get connected and unconnected a lot?

    How old is the QU32, what firmware version is it running?

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    Rafael A&H

    Hello @arnolex,

    As Mike suggests, try another Cat5e (Or higher) cable, make sure this is STP cable.
    Make sure you are on the latest Firmware version for QU V1.97, if not, please update.

    If you have access to another QU console or another AR/AB rack, troubleshoot connecting devices to identify where the fault resides.
    Connect another rack to the console, if this works, then we can confirm that the console and its dSnake port are working fine, if this second rack fails then the problem might be in the QU unit.
    Connect your AR2412 to another QU or SQ console, if this works, then we can confirm that the rack is not the problem, if it fails then it is likely that the rack has a hardware issue.

    If you need further assistance, feel free to contact A&H Support team at:
    For servicing your failing unit (After identifying which one is failing), please contact your nearest A&H distributor partner:


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    Any chance you can share the power down/power up sequence? I think I’m having the same issues you are. Thanks!

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