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    HI Again!

    I´d also like to have a option to view a Spectogramm or Analyzer on the EQ screen. have recently seen this feature on an other Console and was really impressed by it. A really useful feature i think 🙂 It looked like the Waves H-EQ but different. It would be nice to have this features with couloured bands….

    Thank you very much!

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    ReaEQ that comes with reaper has an option that looks like this:

    I suspect that might use up a lot more horsepower than had been budgeted for but maybe the RTA that already exists could be “overlayed” in the background?


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    Yeah, i hope there is kind of a dsp trick that could make this feature happen… BTW i found out on which console i have seen this: the console was……(drums getting louder) …..a behringer x32 and this feature came with the last update

    Thx for the input!

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    Ooooohh, I want! I’m always switching back and forth between EQ and RTA.

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    I gotta admit, that is a cool feature of the x32 that I kind of wish my GLD had.

    Also, the ability for the RTA on the GLD to scale better with different volume levels. My rta hardly shows any level unless I have things really cranked up. Makes it kind of a useless feature for me when hardly anything shows up on the screen at low levels.

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    Hmmm, I never have that problem. Are you sure your gain structure is set right in the system?

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    Mark McFarlane

    Yep, the ability to show the spectrum on any PEQ or GEQ display would be very helpful.

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    +1 from me

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    + 100000000 from me, I have just suggested the same thing.

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    I’d also love to see this feature and I guess can only hope they update it. To me its pretty sad that A&H can’t even put these features in the desk or app, especially since the x32 has it. Come on A&H, at least get the GLD app up to the x32 level.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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