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    Hi all,

    Klark Teknik came out years ago with a 24/48 channel version of a USB interface taking AES50 (at 48 or 96k) and turning it into a 24/24 or 48/48 channel USB interface.

    I believe that an SLink-USB interface would be amazing as well, allowing people to record from a dLive GigaAce card, an SQ’s SLink card (it would allow for connection to a computer via SLink port for maybe redundancy) or any other uses, and it would probably be pretty useful as a tool to bring around, the same way that the DN9630 has been very useful for me in the past. I’ll put a couple of useful scenarios I’ve had in case:

    1) when recording a show on a Midas Pro or XM32 it allows for 24 or even 48 channels, making recording with a Pro2 possible (although with not many channels) and allowing for a redundancy on recording from an XM32. Using a stagebox like a DL32 or S32 even allows for two consoles to be connected via AES50A and AES50B, and I can connect to port B and record straight from the stagebox without the need for the computer to be placed by the console

    2) it allows for digital playback while another computer is recording the multitrack of the show. Very useful thing.

    Would it maybe be possible then to even have it compatible with a DX port? Making it possible for a dLive user to fully use the 32×32 protocol of the DX ports and allowing people to record from a dLive without having to pay the full price of a SuperMadi, Dante or Waves card?

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    Tatsuya Nakamura


    Very good idea.

    I run Avantis with Dante (DT168) and don’t get many opportunities to use the sLink port.

    This is a very logical way to make use of it.

    Dante has DVS, but it needs to be installed on the PC/Mac and depends on the PC owner. It also requires a network switch and consumes more Dante flows.

    We would be delighted to see a DX-port product that can convert to multi-channel USB-Audio.
    If that product allows multiple connections to a single console, then USB could complete the backup of recordings.

    It could be considered completely separate from a Dante or WSG network, which is very simple.

    We eagerly await the release of the product.

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    I am using a DN9630 in many ways together with my M32 and my WING. It is also possible to use a DL16 plus a DL32 and the DN9630 to run a 48 Channel recording interface without a mixing console.
    One of the biggest advantages is in my point of view that you are not limited to short USB cables when you want to connect your computer to the desk. So if one of the application needs a separate mix (eg. within a DAW or similar) for streaming purpose, you can place the computer for streaming in an different room because you can have a distance to the console of round about 100 meters.
    Or you can run backing tracks from your computer on stage to the mixing desk on the FOH position.
    Or, or, or.
    But, the Behringer/Midas eco system has one big advantage. you have at least two AES50 ports on the console or on the stageboxes. this offers a lot more flexibility than only one Slink port on the SQ and when you run a GigACE card on your dLive/Avantis also only one connection can be made, even if the card has two SLink ports. Not to consequently providing two SLink ports, which can be used side by side, is a big missed opportunity for the eco system of A&H.

    But a Slink to USB converter would be a really good idea.

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