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    Let’s compare comparable things guys, I am nowhere near asking for a neve replacement to my A&H desk, just adding an FX to the ones already listed as sends in the QU…


    What outboard do you currently use? And what kind of setup do you have the Qu in? (Studio/Live/Production)

    I am using the QU24 in a production/home studio setup, with instruments like keyboards and drum machines connected to it as well as a computer for recording “live” sessions.
    I sold most outboards (like multi-FX or compressors etc..) I previously had in order to reduce the studio footprint when I bought the QU 2/3 years back.

    I am getting most of what I need from the QU except from some sort of distortion/overdrive to add character so I thought I’d send the request over as I was passing by and saw all sort of other requests, never would I thought it get compared to having a GT500 instead of a fiesta… You guys really cracked me up on that one! LOL

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    I am curious.
    Just why do you need distortion to add ‘character’?

    Color me very olde school but I always tried to get rid of distortion not add it.

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    The digital world is extremely clean…It’s very usual now days to add “controlled” harmonic distortion to a clean signal, be it drums or synths sound or even global mix to break this clean signal…
    But this is nothing new as engineers used to apply this technics in the past in a creative manner to clean signals by boosting them in analog gear…

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    But why?
    The goal was always cleaner when I started out, and we are within epsilon of being there.
    Why destroy a perfect signal? How is that at all creative?
    Would using a magic marker on the mona lisa be creative?
    Personally I prefer girl with the pearl ear ring. but still no magic marker ‘improvements’.

    What do you mean by boost? I can boost digital until your ears bleed.
    You do not need distortion to do that.

    You said ‘to add character’. How does making the signal worse add character?

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    The Mona Lisa is a painting, it is not is not a photo taken with the best possible digital camera.

    Using the appropriate tools, (not magic markers), I’d say da Vinci made something better than just capturing, and reproducing the original.

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    totally agree with OP I’d like a distortion or overdrive effect added, great to blend in on a blues harp, also like pitch shift for vocal effect cant see either happening seems no updates for QU

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    Mike C

    Goes with out saying, the electric guitar created an entire industry building products
    to distort it and to a lesser degree the electric bass. A little crunch on a bass in the right song at the right place can work.

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    I love to add some Drive, as called by EBS, on upright bass or electric bass signals. That makes the tone a lot more creamy. But not only these instruments are candidates for a little bit of distortion. Saxes, Keys and so on and so forth. So, yes a little bit more distortion or similar kind of effects would be nice anyway.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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