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    Hi all,
    I try to do live FOH and streaming simultaneously with QU24. I set up Mix9/10 as streaming channels (Post fade) and try to add reverb using FX2. I set up vocal channels at Fx2 sends using Post fade at 0dB, FX2 sends at 0dB and FX2 return on Mix9/10 at around -20dB. The reverb could be heard when FX2 return using Pre fade but it couldn’t be heard using Post fade. Is there anything wrong? Is my setup supposed to use Fx2 return at Pre or Post? Thanks

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    The fact that you could hear the FX when set to pre-fade but not when set to post-fade suggests either your main channel or FX return fader (to LR) is turned down or is being affected by a DCA, so these would be the first things to check.

    It depends on your workflow, but a common setup is to have all FX sends set post-fade and all mix sends for monitoring are pre-fade (including FX returns). This means delay based FX (reverb/delay) will follow the main mix (dry) levels on the sends side and the returns side level is used to set the independent balance for each mix.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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