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    I’m working on writing a module for the SQ series mixers using QSC’s QSYS platform, and will be with Crestron soon after.

    I found the SQ-MIDI-Protocol-Issue1 document, which provides a lot of help, but I have a few feature requests:

    1) There is no way to ‘get’ the last/current recalled scene on the mixer over the MIDI protocol.

    2) It would be super helpful to have access to the scene names for tighter integration/feedback through our control system.

    3) There are a number of other controls that are available on the GLD series, D-Live series, and even the QU series that would be fantastic to have on the SQ, in terms of (IMHO) priority:
    Remote Shutdown (HUGE for power sequenced systems, which is 90% of our installed systems, so the board can be prepared to be shutdown automatically)
    Channel Name and Color
    Preamp Gain
    Phantom Power

    There are also no real guidelines in terms of best practices of polling intervals or limitations, which could become a problem when tracking 100++ controls within an acceptable ‘live’ tolerance. Via wireshark, I can see there are other methods in use for the SQ-Mix application, and I can’t help but wonder if that interface/protocol is a better solution for integrator such as myself to work with, but there’s no documentation or support available for interacting with that. Thoughts?

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    Hi Folks,

    Anyone else interested in some more midi implementation?

    Get the current recalled scene?
    + Name

    Remote shutdown?

    Current “SEL” Channel?


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    +1 for sending „Current Sel“ over MIDI!!
    Would be very helpful for interaction with external MIDI controllers

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