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    I need to run in and out via madi on a DigiCo mixer. In the madi card manual it says that it will read both 56 and 64 channel protocol but will it change the transmit to 56 channel when it gets that in? Has anyone done I/O madi with a DigiCo mixer?

    BR Tue.

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    I can see under the FAQ that it says:
    Q: Does M-MADI work with RME and other third party devices?
    A: Yes, we have tested M-MADI and it works well with RME devices, however we recommend you update RME devices to the latest version of
    firmware. We have customers who have happily used M-MADI with Digico 56-channel MADI streams. M-MADI can provide multi-channel I/O via
    SSL or Avid interfaces to ProTools.

    But! It also says that the out is always 64 channel mode? Can I run In AND Out of a DigiCo desk with madi from the Ilive?

    Please help if you know!!

    BR Tue

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    Digico MADI streams are 56 channel. So the ilive will change its setting to that many channels only.
    You should be able to route between the consoles, but Digico will limit it to 56. It is not an iLive issue.

    Gil Parente
    Design & Integration
    Atlantic Pro Audio, Inc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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