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    This morning, i was recalling a scene where I have all inputs at inf except 2 when all of the sudden a computer input was up about -20 and blasted our input music. If i recall the scene again, it will not repeat it. It seems to happen randomly and I have not been able to figure out what causes it.

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    If faders at -20 are “blasting” music you may want to look at the system gain structure but it won’t be related to the scene issue.

    Are you saying that the same scene does different things when you recall it? What recall filters if any are set for that scene? Did it only happen once or has it done it again since?


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    It has happened a few times with this particular scene. I’ve reset the fader to nothing and resaved the scene without any luck. This isn’t a gain issue, I have the gain on that particular input one hash mark below the midline on the display. The only thing unique about the scene is it contained a / in the name. I removed the slash and I’m going to see if that has any effect. It doesn’t happen every time, it seems to be random. It started doing it with the 1.1x series of firmware. It has happened on 1.10 and 1.12.

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    I’ve encountered volume weirdness as well.

    This morning during plugin/tuning the level (direct from pedal board) in my avioms (direct out to the avioms) was great until they recalled the first song preset, the level (in my ears) then dropped about 9 db. No one changed the the gain settings and the input gain is the same on all the presets. Later (different preset) the
    ac guitar dropped. The guys who mix FOH don’t change anything but fader levels. I didn’t have the ability to sus this out during the service and there are a lot of variables but I think this could be a mixer issue.

    This kind of thing has happened before but not often. If I can recreate this in a measurable way I’ll post about it.

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    I had another occurrence this morning.

    Before this occurred, I was changing some routing on a different scene. I stored the scene and switched to another scene. After I went through a few different scenes, I had a volume change on the scene. There is no special characters on the name. I tried the scene again after switching and it did not occur again. I’m not exactly sure why it did this. There must be some software issue that is affecting this, since it only started happening after v1.10. I have updated to 1.20.

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    Sound Doctor

    I also have had some volume change issues and I am not using any scene changes. About an hour into the show all the levels will drop about 5-10 db, then go back up later on, then back down. Very weird. Started after upgrade 1.1x. still happening after 1.20. Have tried to chase it down and it seems to maybe at the AR2412, but could be the GLD. It is as if all the gains suddenly change up or down together….Working with my AH rep on it. Can’t use the system until this is fixed.

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    I would be interested in any progress or updates to the status of the issues in this thread. Thanks for keeping us all informed.
    Best regards,

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