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    well maybe someone can use it.

    i did a incrementing sysex for the bcf

    what does it mean?
    it is supposed to run with editor NOT STRAIGHT TO THE CONSOLE.
    as midi in editor is still limited you have:
    10 scenes,

    fader cc s increase throughout the scenes (1-8 till 73-80)i did 2 extras the same way “GOING UP”

    encoder button/knobs on the top the same but:

    the first group are set to pan (encoder) and the button resets the pan to center
    the second to the fourth group are bar- and note sends on the buttons as well alway increasing throughout the scenes

    the “two row” knobs are as well note sends (toggle on)for mute and pafl (again increasing throughout the secenes)

    the four “bottom right” knobs are NOT increasing but always note 0-3 on midi channel 16

    (i made em for mute – kill console (eveything muted on a dca) and such)

    i included a xml one can load in editor to see how it is ment (did the first 24 channels only no dca master fex and such just input channels)

    there will be mods as soon i get experienced (using it on shows)

    and business as usual : hints welcome – please dont tell me i am an idiot coz i know

    download here:


    allways latest firm and software
    iLive-144/t-80/idr-10 /idr-48/dante/pl-6/eyepad 1/belkin router/

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    Well if you really are an idiot, then I hope this forum is full of idiots like you :-)
    Great effort and initiative. It will be very helpful!

    Dante card
    Macbook pro 17
    Ipad2 + mixpad
    Aiport express

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    it appears that the midi usb and the midi through midi device are different – haha behringer (owners of midas)

    i tried to load a mapping done with the midi interface – did not work on a other computer editor and bcf conected with
    bfc s usb midi…..
    i ll keep updating – remember my basic setup (the xml for editor) i did for download does not work with bcfs usb midi….


    allways latest firm and software
    iLive-144/t-80/idr-10 /idr-48/dante/pl-6/eyepad 1/belkin router/

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    Hello from Germany…

    I know your thread is from 2012 but ive unpacked my old bcf2000 after long time now and i want give it a try with your settings.

    I’ve downloaded your syx file to bcf2000 and i’ve loaded your xml file to the ilive pc editor.

    It seems to work, but:

    If i do some changes on editor, and bcf2000 ist not at the actual preset page, the bcf2000 will not recognize the changes.

    As example:
    1) Set bcf2000 to P-1 (for channels 1-8)
    2) On pc editor move fader channel 1 to 70% (bcf2000 fader no.1 will go to 70%, too)
    3) Set bcf2000 to P-2 (for channels 9-16) – bcf2000 fader no.1 will go to 0% – thats OK.
    4) On pc editor move fader channel 1 from 70% down to 30% – on bcf2000 nothing will move – sure, because channel 9-16 ist activated – OK so far.
    5) Set bcf2000 back to P-1 – fader no.1 will move back to 70%, but this is not OK, because it should be 30%.

    Do you have the same problem? Is there a solution or workaround for this?

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