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    I’d appreciate if you told me what equipment do you use to record and play via Dante. What computers, short spec., switches, cables (lengths and types), etc. Maybe some hardware devices, like Joeco or similar? I’m about to purchase a recording computer, but so far haven’t got a configuration that would handle all channels. So far my best result is 24 inputs recorded with Cubase.


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    Hi ddff
    He is what i have and works pretty good:
    MacbookPro Core 2 Duo ( one generatioon old) 8gb RAM
    SSD external drive via eSata or Firewire800
    I use Presonus Studio One. Works pretty good and easy to deal with.
    I actually use a very cheap Netgear gigabit switch and have tested with cables up to 100m.
    Give us a little more detail on your set up and we can prob give you more sugestions.
    How many consoles, how many computers. Etc.

    Hope it helps

    Gil Parente
    Design & Integration
    Entertainment Arts, Inc.

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    I can record 64 channels into Reaper with an previous generation Mac Mini. I only use to record but should be able to handle some moderate mixing playback also. I say that because I use a MacBook Pro with very similar specs to mix on. And for cables I use a 10m cat5e cable from the dante card straight into the Mini. I also record to an external FireWire drive.

    T112/48, MacBook Pro, D-link DIR-815, iPad 1 w/mixpad, Dante card feeding a Mac Mini w/DVS.

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    my setup is: Macpro i7, 240 gig SSD, HARTING connectors, eurocable cat6 4m & 15m,CISCO gigabit switch Ableton LIve 8, 64 channels 24bit 48khz. records aprox for 2h30min.
    i want to purchase Macmini server for recording purpose because it’s more portable i think…

    1x T80
    2x iDR32
    desktop+2x RME HDSP MADI
    Macbook Pro,2x Macmini+DVS
    evolution of SOVIET TANK

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    I’m using Dante since it got available. It works absolutely fine and reliable in different configurations of:
    iDr16 / iDR48 / T112 / R72
    MacBookPro i5 and i7 models, 4 / 8 BG RAM, 5400 / 7200rpm HDD
    +external FW800 drives 5400 / 7200rpm
    Cabling is Sommer Cat7 Mercator 70m + patch length, Netgear switch
    ProTools 9/10, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo, Reaper, Logoc Pro 9
    JoeCo BBR-Dante

    I’d set up a configuration with above equipment for load test simulation during SAE Alumni Convention VII in Berlin, Oktober 13-14th, covering all available Dante channels, running 9-10 h per day. No faults detected! More info see: https://www.facebook.com/dLRecording

    Result: DANTE on iLive = reliable, scaleable, easy to use



    Günter Eisbach
    Darmstadt / Germany

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    I recently got one Lenovo E520 with B940 core duo, 2 GB RAM for a customer and it was recording 40 channels without problems.

    Today I visited another customer who has DELL with i3 processor, 2 GB RAM, 7200rpm HDD- it recorded 64 channels for few hours, but has problems with playback. Reaper is running fine, channel indication works fine, sound is distorted, mutes for some time, then cuts in. Dante controller shows yellow triangles on random channels in patch from computer to IDR. After repatching the route sound comes back instantly, but not for long time. Replaced several cables, different lengths, no changes. Strange thing is all the audio files are recorded with no problems, Reaper doesn’t stop or stutter- it looks like DVS or something in DVS comms with Ethernet adapter.

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