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    So I am setting up my two systems T112-T80-iDR32-iDR16 in a standard FOH/Mon configuration.

    After some internal debating I am attempting the A&H documented method basically:

    T-112 PortA> iDR16


    iDR32 PortA>T80

    So the 32 is at my STAGE/MON and the 16 at FOH

    I have setup the routing of channels back and forth over the PortB connection and have managed to feed Main sends, Auxs, Channels what have you without issue.

    Currently have 32 inputs coming from STAGE over the split to FOH, sending 16 Channels back to STAGE from FOH etc.

    Here is where my problem comes up. First off the Quick Input Source Selector should contain the Surface inputs as well, makes re-patching those very difficult as the only place I could find was the individual preamp sections of the channels I wanted to assign them to.

    The real problem however is I cannot seem to get my surface inputs over the PortB connection. I have tried patching using the ACE Link in the PortB section of the output screen, assuming that the ACE link being referred to was the one between the Surface and the Rack. No Luck. I even tried sending Input Direct Outputs corresponding to where my surface inputs are patched over the PortB and am still not getting anything.

    The reason I am trying to do this is I have 8 wireless at the FOH where I an monitor status and battery, etc plus I would like to feed my House Music and such which are also plugged into the surface directly to the MON end.

    Am I missing something here?

    Stephen Tyler
    Coordinator of Technical Operations
    iLive T-112/iDR-32; T-80/iDR-16; iPhone; iPad

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    Wouldn’t you want to do a split rack setup for FOH and Monitors instead of a dual rack setup?


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    Hi Styler

    You could assign the surface channels to any spare DSP channels (1-64) in the iDR16

    Once you have assigned your surface inputs into any free dsp channel in the T-112-iDR16 system (1-64) Then you should be able to route these channels over PortB wherever you like via the outputs page – input direct out – channels 1-64, or assign the surface inputs to a spare mix channel and send that out of Port B.

    Hope that helps

    Sam A&H

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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