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    I am considering a T122 system with an iDR-48 stage rack. Can I also add an iDR-16 as a local rack? I have an Aviom system for monitors (with a couple of wedge mixes and IEMs from FOH) so I like to keep all my wireless racks at the console. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Ellis

    The latest iLive firmware supports dual mixrack So you can connect up 2 of any size mixracks to a single iLive surface.

    Another option would be to get an iLive surface (Not T-Series) fitted with a Multi digital output card this would allow Aviom output from the surface + 2 spare I/O slots to get local audio in and out of the surface. Therefore you would not need to buy an extra iDR16.

    Hope this helps

    Sam A&H

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    How many wireless ins and outs do you need? We run a T112 iDR32 w/MMO and have 8 wireless units going in to the console. We run the Aviom from the amp rack beside the mix rack and have no issues.

    T112 iDR32 M-MMO

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    I keep my wireless mic receivers near me at FOH where I have to do double duty doing mains and monitors. Granted, I’m analog running an A&H ML5000 48B, but I’m saving for an iLIve T112 with the IDR48.

    My recommendation would be to get external antennas(LPDA’s would be my recommendation). Active might be a good way to go. That and an antenna distro/splitter would also be highly advisable. Personally, I’d prefer leave the wireless rack on my stagebox rack, but since I don’t have someone at monitor or stage, I have to keep an eye on things. I’ve been a decent distance from the stage and had good results.

    I also run wireless in-ears. I run those down my Aviom system(no controllers, just the AN 16/i and 0 units, it’s just a transport system for me). Again, antenna combiner and external LPDA antenna. The IEM rack is at the stage though.

    Once I go iLive, I won’t need the Aviom and I’ll just leave the wireless racks at the stage area regardless if I’ve got a guy a monitor land or not as the T112 surface doesn’t have enough local IO. I plan to use local IO for some basic recording and any playback decks I need to keep handy.

    I look forward to the moment when I have sufficient cash in hand to buy my system. I hope the case offers are still in effect then. I also hope they upgrade to a 3-piece case for the surface so I don’t need help removing the lid.

    Chris Pickett, Studio42 916-601-7089
    Allen & Heath ML5000 48B and future iLive T112/IDR48 owner.

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    depending on how many I/O you need at FOH, one thing I learned just today when using dual IDR’s you can from what I can find only use the outputs on the first IDR, but keep in mind there are still a few on the back of the surface of hte T112. I have a similar set up as you it sounds so I do have some stuff to work around as well. I would also recomend the new Sennheiser G3 300 series wireless as they are priced well and have remote software so you can put your recievers on stage and monitor them from FOH.


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    Allow me to correct myself, there is a way to address outputs to the slave IDR, it involves ACE, and when I figure it out I will post it. Sorry for confusion.


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