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    So i have ordered my MADI card for the IDR48 and i also ordered my RME Madiface and a nice long pair of 75ohm coax cables…..

    …. Now what do i do if i wanna record and playback????

    I was gonna call up A&H and ask them what the steps are but i’m sat in a hotel room in europe waiting to go to soundcheck and i dont have anything better to do, so i figured i’d ask around here!

    The plan is to be able to connect my Mac, running Logic, and be able to record / playback each line individually.

    Im guessing that you have to assign each channel’s Direct Output to the card … right?

    So if i get a bunch of lines recorded and i hit play on my computer, are they simply gonna appear down each line on the mixrack? (aka virtual soundcheck)

    Maybe i am overthinking things?
    So far the iLive has been very easy to setup and doesn’t require any head scratching for anything… im just wonderin what i have to do.

    Any ideas?


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    Hi Graham.

    I have the Madi bu I have not installed it yet. With the mini multi out card everything was as easy as everything on the Ilive.

    I just popped it in and turned on the IDR. It came up in the menus. When you assign the direct out it can be done in range as everything else. This maskes for easy one to one output assign. Remember to set direct out right after the preamp if you want to run virtual sondcheck later.

    I don´t know how you fast and easy switch the input from the IDR preamp to the digital line from madi. This should also be a one to one so you get the right lines on the channels. Please post back how you ended up doing this.


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    Hi Graham

    Check out this document on our Website that gives you and introduction to MADI and iLive. This document should be able to answer your questions, if not i’ll will be happy to advise.

    Sam A&H

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    OK heres my experience so far…

    First thing i did was record 1x SM58 via RME Madiface straight onto my macbook pro…. Easy! I got it playing back without any issues. The preamp gain stayed the same and all was fine.

    Second thing was 8 inputs for a small corporate show, this time the HD kept bugging out big time, caused a few crashes… apparently this is why you need a fast Firewire800 drive so £150 lighter i came home with a rugged 500gb LaCie drive.

    Third gig was a 18 input band and only crashed twice in 2hours. The HD kept error-ing “Hard Disc too slow” WTF?!? it turns out that you have to turn the “Buffer” size on Logic and then you get no probs.

    So today in rehearsal for a big show i got everything setup perfect… Large buffer size, closed all other programs and hit record. I was recording 40 inputs simultaneously without any problems for upto 45mins, it couldve been more if i didnt stop recording for breaks etc.

    Virtual soundcheck is a breeze too…. I couldnt of got through this soundcheck without it.
    Im starting to wonder how we ever did soundchecks before it was possible to endlessly loop a rack tom to get the EQ perfect or to replay a whole chorus just to time the Delay perfectly…

    More info to follow soon…

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    How do you fast and easily deal with the routing for virtual soundcheck?

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    Originally posted by Tuejo

    How do you fast and easily deal with the routing for virtual soundcheck?

    On the surface hit the MIXRACK button, Tap the Mixer Preferences button and you get a Global input page where you can either have All MADI inputs or All mixrack inputs (normal xlr sockets)

    It takes about 5 – 10 seconds to flip between them.

    One thing you do have to remember is to make sure that you take your recording software (in my case Logic 9) off of “Record Enable” mode other wise whilst you are playing your virtual soundcheck back the XLR sockets on the mixrack still route through to the software and because you have the software record enabled you hear this, Latency included! which is not ideal.

    The show i did on sunday only allowed me 1hour to tune the system AND to soundcheck, So i just recorded the soundcheck and tweaked it on my headphones for a further 20minutes after the noise curfew.

    30minutes – 40tracks @ 16bit / 48khz = 6Gb of space used.

    Zero glitches + Zero problems = Zero Stress!

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