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    Hi there.

    Just a thought. Since we have these great controllers ha anyone tried to get it to hook up with Logic/Cubase/Nuendo? This would not work through the USB since that i touch screen only right? What then? Midi control? Has any of you mapped this?

    Since Mac has skipped the express port on the new 13″ and 15″ it will not run the RME Madi so a map for a windows DAW like Cubase/Nuendo will be best I think.

    Best from Tue.

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    call me an old cynic but I thought the clue was in the name iLIVE
    Tee Hee [:o)]

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    Thank you for your much useless input. With Madi card out multitrack recording will be a everyday thing. The edit and mix of these will be much easier with a controller.
    I get that you do not mix live DVD´s. Next time you could leave it at that and leave the space for people with a serious input.

    With a good map the controller could reach a new marked. Just check the price of an Icon controller and it is just a big mouse.

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    Originally posted by Tuejo

    Thank you for your much useless input…

    This has been a friendly forum so far.
    Lets try to keep it that way, thank you.


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    i tried once (bout a year ago)with midi as far as i remember
    i got the faders working (sequoia) but it seems that the rotary knobs do not send midi…


    allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 10 /

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    I’ve developed a custom environment in Logic Audio that lets a Mackie Control talk to the iLive. It provides seamless linked moving faders, Mutes and DCA assignments plus banks to access EVERY channel on the ilive – 128 channels! It also has a Solo in place mode, 32 stand-alone memory scenes (levels/mutes), direct DCA access and you can create custom channel layouts or custom channel scene recalls (ie only recall levels/mutes of channels 3,4,10-16 etc) Check out the screen grab pic of it’s inner workings!
    Still a work in progress but I have already used it for radio mic monitoring backstage on a theatre show (21 radios) and our Radio tech loved it. I will do a video and post on line some time.

    Check out info & screen grab pics here:

    This environment is set up more to use a Mackie Control as a control surface live along side the editor software but you could also use an iLive surface as a controller for Logic with it! The iLive MIDI spec only supports Fades/Mutes, DCA assignments, colour and naming (I’ve not supported that)and scene program change messages. If the iLive MIDI spec was expanded to include Mix/Pafl,Sel keys plus pans etc then a Mackie Control would be very powerful sitting beside a laptop with editor running.

    Richard T112/IDR48

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    Well that is the other way around and perhaps even more usefull. I would love for A&H to build a ultra small controller with eight 100 mm motorized faders and a touchscreen above. That I can put on a plane. The other controllers are just to heavy and must go as cargo and that I do not have time for. A better PL fader pack with 100 mm motorized faders would also get me a long way with a tablet on as well.

    Thanks a lot for the MCU tip – that might be the way to go.

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