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    Hi ! Whats the status on firmware V 1.3 ?? You said aug-sept and now its october, early october I know but still... I Have ordered a Waves card at my local dealer and that hasnt arrived yet either…Got the wavesrack allready and gigs coming up….whould be nice to hear something why its taking so long…

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    On the other hand:
    Please don’t rush into an early release, but continue testing, as you’ve said you are. I’d much rather work around the “limitations” of a system I know, than have something new that has bugs in it!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Dabiggs,

    V1.3 was planned for release at the beginning of September, but is currently still in test.
    As MarkPAman says, we are not rushing into a release, we never do.
    It will be released as soon as we are satisfied that every aspect has been tested fully in all kinds of setups and system configurations.

    The first Waves cards have gone out to distribution, so if you have already ordered one, you can be fairly sure you’ll be one of the first to receive one too.

    (In short it’s all coming!)


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    Thanks Keith and A&H Team! While I know that we are excited for the many features of 1.3 when it becomes available, we are glad that the team will not rush to release before testing and verification is complete. We appreciate the effort that goes into making sure that these firmware releases are feature-packed, while still also being solid and reliable (the most important “feature”).

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    I’m hoping it’ll be worth the wait. Would be nice to know what’s coming though.

    I do know that some sort of new routing features will be added in 1.3. Would be very nice to get some DEEP plugin love as well. Some new EQ or compressor models would be great!

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    All of our SQ’s have the new SLink cards already installed and waiting for the 1.3 update. I would prefer a fully tested and stable release rather than have it rushed out and a potential fail on a gig.

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    I don’t have any problems with 1.3 being later than promised. But maybe a little background story about why it is late would help. I mean there was time planned for testing when the beginning of september was targetted. Did you put in more features than planned at that time? Did implementation of what was planned take longer? More bugs than anticipated, so more testing and bug fixing? I find development stories interesting and entertaining.

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    Yah, I’m waiting for a mastering plug in, like a Maximizer to keep the levels hot but prevent from clipping.

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