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Hi Robbocurry, the red led I am talking about is not on the RTA,
it is the small meter just below the master PAFL button, but the RTA is rather nice 🙂

eotsskleet, I don’t have a compressor on the mains, I do use main compression sometimes though.
This red peak led is coming on to indicate that the input faders are overdriving the input section of the stereo L/R master.

andiabwaerts, that would be nice if it did, but it doesn’t behave like the GLD does where the various layers have clip lights next to the layer button warning us of clipping on other (non-selected) layer.

experiment for yourselves, run a signal into just one input and set the gain nice and healthy but without any clipping,
then slam the fader for that input all the way up to +10db….. with the master fader completely off, (all the way down) the peak led will illuminate,…. lowering the input fader will make the red peak led go out.