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We certainly have different experiences in the audio field and seem to have formed different opinions! I became interested in electronics at the age of 10, when the typical circuit constructed by young boys was a crystal radio – remember those? As I worked toward my doctorate at Oak Ridge, I delved into electronics somewhat deeper, building my first hi-fi system from Heathkits, along with a tube-type color TV. I didn’t just follow the instructions, I also looked at the circuit diagram to better understand what I was building.

I studied speaker design extensively and built a number of speakers over the years. In the 70’s my church needed a new mixer, so I built an 8-channel powered solid-state mixer from circuit boards that were available at the time. We were one of the first churches to have stereo sound.

I’ve been singing since I was 10, mostly in church. Later, I sang in a couple of praise bands and designed sound systems for churches.

As a scientist, I learned how to make critical observations and perform experiments to learn what I needed to know about a situation. When confronted with a problem, I tried to examine it from as many perspectives as possible. That experience carried over into my work as an audio technologist. Generally, I don’t tend to make statements that I have not somehow verified as accurate.

Nevertheless, it is conceivable that I missed something along the way, and you may have also, that has resulted in us having differing opinions on some audio technology subjects. All I can suggest is that we try to see our disagreements from the other’s perspective and see if we need to do some experiments to decide where the truth lies. I hope that those who read our submissions will do the same, not just take sides in an argument that doesn’t really exist.