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Thanks for that useful information. It remains a $999 ineffectual boat anchor at that, or any other price.

Here’s what I’ve heard from the A&H Rep via a distributor of the product:

“There’s an intermittent issue with the AB168 units during bootup…the expanders will revert to a previous factory firmware version and the Qu is not recognized properly.

R&D are currently writing a maintenance update for Qu firmware (as the Qu mixer will automatically update the AB168 firmware), but this will not be available most likely for a few more weeks.

Other solution is to send us the AB168 unit, we will update the firmware manually.

Or connect the AB168 to a GLD mixer with firmware V1.42 or higher, this will also update the firmware in the AB168.

The firmware update will resolve the situation”.

It’s nice to see A&H are making their problem my problem.

It would be very, very difficult to recommend any of this hardware given this situation. As it stands, the band, who have been playing gigs since the mid 70’s, consider the A&H stuff unreliable crap. The longer the issue goes unresolved, the faster the reputation will spread via word of mouth.

A&H needs that sort of reputation like they need a bad dose of the clap.

The ball’s in their court. Let’s see if they step up and do the right thing.