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Using the multitrack QuDrive for your application is probably not the best way to got for several reasons:
– File/Project naming, as you already observed
– Plenty of dummy track to may QuDrive happy
– Fast disk (SSD/UsbStick) required, otherwise you may run into problems from HDD seeking since tracks can not be written interleaved which would be best for QuDrive playback.

I’d probably consider alternate routes before deciding to go for the QuDrive:
– If a mono mixdown for the backing track would be ok, then I’d suggest using the stereo WAV playback with backing on one side and click on the other. You’ll get full freedom for renaming tracks etc.
– Use a PC/Mac for playback. Either using USB-B streaming directly into the Qu or an additional audio interface.
– Maybe there are some affordable compact multitrack recorders (like Roland R-44) which also could playback 3 or 4 channels concurrently to avoid the PC…