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As Discussed before:

Make your own Pop/Spill groups wich are much more Flexible!

Save your current Layout in a scene
Edit the scene and remove everything exept Bank layout.

Make your next Layout.
Also save this in a scene (only save Bank layout)

Do this for al the “pop” groups you need.

Make the User Def keys recal the scene’s you just saved.

Now you can switch really fast between your “Pop” groups!

The advantage is :
You can select where the group is Spilled
You can define How the group is spilled (not from ch 1-2-3 but anyway you want)
You can put 1 channel in more than 1 “Pop”/Spill group.
You can also add outputs to a Spill.
You can change the layout of the faders on the Fly!

Please understand that a lot of consoles use the Spill/Pop function because they are really unflexible with their bank layout!