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I downloaded 5.1 (before this thread), used the iPad1 to mix at a (large) hotel job. The hotel had 3 strong wifi addresses, I used 4 Line6 digital wireless mics (2.4 gig band – they cause great connection issues in that band, I MUST connect at 5 gig), and I put the router on top of one of the top speaker boxes (I can’t help but think having the router that close to the powerful horn magnet can’t be good…).

I did seem to have to wait a bit to establish initial connection (20-30 seconds), and an occasional slow response, but the show went on with no issues. I’m going to find a better place to position the router, but other than that, it was business as usual.
*I have found that the iPad is more responsive when it is not in its (cheap) cover, I never run any additional programs on the iPad when mixing, I always use the 5 gig band.

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