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Probably more reliable would be an iDR Out in your amp rack which gives 8 XLR outs but according to the A&H website you need a M-MMO card to link it to the iDR MixRack which obviously uses up your Port B slot which is a shame.

On the software side, I would do some experiments with audio repeaters like VAC (Virtual Audio Cable:

I would then use the command-line options to start repeating automatically.
Audio Repeater accepts several command-line options, allowing to pre-configure it:


XTA and Lake also have Dante products. XTA has a Dante Breakout box with 8 out which costs approx 2080€ ex VAT.
(Xta NXBoB8)
Maybe A&H can broaden the offer?

Update: Check focusrite’s Rednet (Dante in and out boxes)

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming![img][/img]