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Hi Clintage


-Between the empty port on the second mixrack, and the empty slot on the RAB2 on the iLive, can I utilize both a MADI card and DANTE cards simultaneously? I want to use the MADI card to send audio channels to third-party gear, and the DANTE card to send up to 64 channels to a recording DAW. Can this be done?

I’m afraid only the MMO module is the only module supported in iLive surface RAB2 PortB.


Alternatively, can I have 2 RAB2 cards in the iLive surface itself, and install both DANTE and MADI on the surface?

No I am afraid this is not possible only 1 slot is available for RAB module within the Mixrack/Surface.

You do not have to use ACE modules for Dual Rack setup if You have 2 x iDR10’s both with RAB2 fitted. You could use 2 MADI cards for Dual Rack but this means you will need to run a seperate network cable for control between the mixracks. This would then mean you could use MADI Link 2 or Aux socket to send Audio out to other 3rd party devices and still have Dante in PortB of the slave rack.

Hope this helps
Sam A&H