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… but if you want to work with fader recalls/scenes then you will need full midi duplex without feedback – Let us know if you get that working ok!

To clear things up. My setup does work indeed with full duplex MIDI and without any MIDI feedback. No problem, everything works.

To reason that I was considering not to run full duplex are:
1. One important thing: The IDR currently doesn’t send MIDI feedback during scene changes, hence leaving you with incorrect fader positions after a scene change. Therefore currently MIDI feedback is only useful for faders that might be changed from several places and that are scene save.

2. For what I’m doing at the moment, I don’t need the MIDI feedback, since the BCF will be the “master fader” for those 8 DCA’s. I’ll never touch them during the show from anywhere else.

3. The cheap faders on the BCF make a lot of noise when they are moved automatically. You get what you pay for (125€ is indeed not a lot)

4. For doing Port routing using USB interface you have to take into account that both BCF2000 and MIDI interface are USB peripherals. If you connect them in another order, they will be assigned other port numbers in MIDI-OX. Therefore it’s tricky to try to save a port routing profile in MIDI-OX since that software looks at the port numbers to do so. You may want to connect everything always in the same order to avoid changing the routing profile every time you use MIDI-OX. Not really fool proof, but I think I will be able to remember.

5. Furthermore my ESI MIDI Mate II interface has two connections wich both can be used as IN or OUT (you can use IN-IN, IN-OUT, OUT-IN or OUT-OUT). If i both use them as OUTs, I have zero risk for an incorrect connection (both connection are plugged into the IDR, at least one of them is connected to the MIDI IN of the IDR :-) ) making at least that connection fool proof… I like “fool proof” :-)

Hopes this post clears things up a bit. Bottom line: BCF2000 and full duplex MIDI over LAN works…

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