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the difference to the solutions on Yamaha and DigiCo is, that you cannot handle the plugins within the surface – you always need a seperate screen and mouse (or touchscreen or tablet-pc).
So if you don’t mind having a seperate Laptop for using the PlugIns, Waves already delivers a complete sultion – a host for the plugins. So you only need a low latency interface for the laptop.

At the momenta I use Apple Mainstage and a Motu Ultralite (for small solutiona) or RME MADIface (for bigger solution). So I can use everey PlugIn I like as far as it doesn’t need to much cycles to calculate (most professional PlugIns need about 4-10 Samples!).

Al lot collegues use Digi002 or Digi003 an ProTools LE for the same reason an it works perfect! Normally I do some special Revs (Lexicon Native, Altiverb) Vocal EQ+Comp (Waves RenaissanceVox, REq, Sony Oxford EQ, Sonalksis Bundle) and special FX, if needed (filtered Delays, Harmonizers and such).

So better solution for me than Waves – more Plugs to use an much cheaper, but need extra Laptop to operate the Plugs.

regard Peter