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    Question to the colleagues from A&H:

    Is it planned to use Waves Plug Ins, similarly as Yamaha (M7) and Digico (SD9 with Multirack) realized? I´m using Protools and Waves with the C4 and L3 Plug In – this would be great for (i)live use!

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    waves on linux?


    allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (i am convinced there is a yamaha conspiracy against the release of the dante )

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    Not an expert on this but could you not use Dante to send back and forward to your existing computer with Waves on?
    That way you would have your wish

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    Originally posted by Mr B

    Not an expert on this but could you not use Dante to send back and forward to your existing computer with Waves on?
    That way you would have your wish

    This scenario was just confirmed by A&H. (check out the Dante topic for more info). So, yes, it seems that this will be possible at a fair price using Dante. Fair price because Dante is, to my knowledge, the only interface that plugs directly into the ethernet port of a computer/laptop using a virtual soundcard thus eliminating extra interface costs. £999 suggested retail price ex VAT, available from november on.

    My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!

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    the difference to the solutions on Yamaha and DigiCo is, that you cannot handle the plugins within the surface – you always need a seperate screen and mouse (or touchscreen or tablet-pc).
    So if you don’t mind having a seperate Laptop for using the PlugIns, Waves already delivers a complete sultion – a host for the plugins. So you only need a low latency interface for the laptop.

    At the momenta I use Apple Mainstage and a Motu Ultralite (for small solutiona) or RME MADIface (for bigger solution). So I can use everey PlugIn I like as far as it doesn’t need to much cycles to calculate (most professional PlugIns need about 4-10 Samples!).

    Al lot collegues use Digi002 or Digi003 an ProTools LE for the same reason an it works perfect! Normally I do some special Revs (Lexicon Native, Altiverb) Vocal EQ+Comp (Waves RenaissanceVox, REq, Sony Oxford EQ, Sonalksis Bundle) and special FX, if needed (filtered Delays, Harmonizers and such).

    So better solution for me than Waves – more Plugs to use an much cheaper, but need extra Laptop to operate the Plugs.

    regard Peter

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    I think for iLive you still need a laptop to handle these plugins, because you need processing power and appropriate operating system. AFAIK surface computer is Linux based and is optimized to run processes necessary to operate console. But even having extra laptop is much better than 100kg siderack loaded of physical equipment.


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    I am with ddff, I don’t need any more practice at lifting 19 inch racks stuffed full of FX units that is for sure. Mostly I am happy with the on-board FX though a pitch shifter would be good as it is nearly Panto season again (Oh no it’s Not! Oh yes it is!).[:o)]

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