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In the editor “scene editing”or pdf “scene memories” page 78, you can choose what to save or change within each scene…………. its quite extensive!

But then you have to copy and paste that setting into the other 250 scenes. I think. I don’t see a way to set a default that carries through all scenes automatically. Sort of a scene template. Unless I’m missing something.

I was really disappointed to see no enhancements to the scene manager in the new version. There have been a lot of requests here that fell on deaf ears.

David Schmoldt

Sorry for misinterpreting the original question…….what is needed indeed is possibly something like the snapshot save prefs feature in digico sd9 and 8…..called “Global Recall scope”as well as the timed scene recalls and scene crossfades and the “Select update range” in the sd8-9 prefs, so all snaps(A&H scenes) are updated …….??