Hi. I did as you suggested: recorded the noise, and gave it to A&H help. A very fast answer remembered me that the noise was just gain noise, preamplified by another mixer, on which one I patched L/R to learn using t112…ehehe, so busy to study, I forgot the basics!uhauhauh
Ok, just yesterday I used the system for a live show (28 channels, about), a folk show, with a lot of folks guitars.
Generally, when I mixed this kind of show, even with Soundcraft MH3/4 or A&H ML4/5000, or so on, with a ton of outboards dynamics and FXs, the results is always a “coalition-of-bad-medium-frequencies”, because of the arrangements, too…but this time, the result was sooo sweet!…I never imagined with a digital (numeric!) mixer to have this kind of result!
So…very, very happy till now and – ah!, dimenticavo – naturally no trace of noise in the P.A.
Great! Cya soon, Angelo Cannarile[:D]

iLive T112 -FW 1.63 – IDR48