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My setup is a standard Linksys WRT54G router with 6dbi aerials on 6foot cables i can mount these high up and get great coverage.

I use standard WEP encryption and i my wireless laptop IP is set manually to

I have stood at FOH behind 18,000 people and still had a solid connection.

on the other hand i have been stood 10 feet away from the router and it has sometimes failed to connect..[?] Not often thankfully.

It does help to know the specific IP addresses of each component in the iLive system and it also helps to have a bit of knowledge on how wifi networks and IP addressing works.

Mikeidge – try it first without any wireless security and once its working then add WEP/WPA keys.

If you are using a Linksys router then they default to automatically assigning IP addresses from onwards… you should ensure that no devices use the following addresses as these are used by the iLive system. – Mixrack – Surface (or touchscreen) – Touchscreen (or surface)

ensure that you give your laptop a non conflicting address, say subnet needs to stay set at if memory serves me correctly.

You using Mac or PC?