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Originally posted by Carey D

…For me the advantages hugely outweigh the compromise in not being able to grab a handful of faders…

Hi Carey,

That is indeed the reason why i suggested our beloved Allen&Heath IT-crew to imlement fader multiselect in the editor. That way we could at least have this “handful of fader grabbing”. Some kind of instant fader ganging. I would love that.

So far, I think A&H understand pretty well were the future of ditital mixing is going, and I love and support it completely.

ASC, Belgium just allowed me to demo the IDR-48 with a laptop, and all our crewmembers were confident that this was the way to go for our theatertours. I could use compressors and gates far more efficiently than I would on an analogue board. I could take a seat wherever I wanted in the venue to check the sound and make corrections. Putting up mute groups is superfast! So, We did our brand new showcase immediately with a Wifi-mix. Superb!! The only outboard gear that I used was a DriveRack 260 for the autoEQ functionality on the FOH, to get started.

I agree with others here that the possibility to create your custom strip layouts is a major advantage of the iLive series.