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    Hi, im new to this and recently picked up an A&H Zed R16 as a cheap 16ch Interface, its been really great.
    Currently im using Logic Pro X on Mac High Sierra.

    I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall in my knowledge and hoping someone can help- I have a bit of a tricky set up im trying to figure out.

    I am trying to get 2 DI tracks to play simultaneously whilst all 16 Input channels are spoken for and recording- in this case i have a DI bass and a DI guitar, id like to route them to their own amps respectively and have them play simultaneously when the track starts but with each track outputted to their own amp whilst there are 16 mics recording- on a live drum kit, live guitar and on the bass cab (DI Signal 1) and 2nd guitar cab (DI Signal 2) so essentially im trying to record a full band whilst also live re-amping two pre-recorded tracks.

    Tracks 1-16 are all microphone inputs on the desk and in my DAW (Logic) 17 & 18 are the DI tracks, im wondering if there are any other outputs on the desk I can use to output the DI tracks to their respective amps as inputs 1-16 are spoken for, I notice it has 4 Aux outputs (1&2 prefade, 3&4 postfade) and ST1-4 can I use these to output my two DI tracks whilst simultaneously recording channels 1-16? If so in my DAW what are these listed as when it comes to outputs? I know 17&18 are my stereo L/R main mix output so what are ST1-4 and Aux 1-4 listed as? Outputs 19-20+?

    Thanks for any help

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