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    Hi, I’m brand new here and wonder if anyone can help with what could potentially be a simple solution but I’m damned if I can find it!
    I use Ableton Live 12 and I have a ZED 14 mixer, I go from the mixer via USB to my m2 mac mini and have various synths going in to the mixer both stereo and mono and evrything works great except I’m getting some sort of return when I’m recording audio in Ableton. If i use a metronome it records that too. I have the USB Return button in the ‘On’ position on my mixer because if I don’t I can’t hear anything I’ve recorded through Ableton but If i turn it off not only do i not hear anything I’ve recorded but it also doesn’t record the metronome so both options have their issues. Lets say I want to play along on a synth to something I’ve already done in Ableton such as a drum beat or bassline if I have the USB return button pressed it also re-records everything in the audio track including the metronome cllick if I have it on (obviously if I’m playing to a beat i don’t need to but it’s still recording everything in the audio track including the drums/bassline which is strange) if I don’t have it pressed then it doesn’t record everything only the synth I’m playing but then I can’t hear what I’ve already done playing (drums/bass etc) I’m sure it must be something simple but I have tried everything , reading the zed14 manual back to front as well as pressing depressing any buttons including the ‘recessed’ ones that need a biro to press. I’ve tried all options of settings but it’s now got wwhere I feel like I’m going mad. I wonder if anybody could please shine some light on this? If you don’t have this particular or similiar mixer and would like some pictures of what’s where and what I’ve got on/off then I can upload some otherwise please feel free to ask me exactly what I’ve got plugged in/set up etc I would really appreciate some help. I don’t very often ask I usually work things out for myself as well as help others where I can but unfortunately I’m stumped.
    Thanks so much in advance!

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