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    Hi all,

    I have a puzzle and am hoping someone would be able to help. I currently have a set-up where I’m using my Qu-16 to act as the DAW (Reaper) control for a live recording mix. However, I can’t seem to get the Qu-16 to hook up with my DAW (Reaper). A team member is handling the live house mix on his Behringer X32 and I’m handling the live recording mix on the Qu-16. We are using Dante to stream the audio to both boards.

    So we are basically streaming audio from Dante to the Behringer X32/Macbook for the house and the Windows 10 PC for recording. How do we make the Qu-16 act as the DAW control for the audio streaming into the the PC running Reaper?

    Live House Setup:
    Behringer X32
    Macbook with Dante Virtual Sound card

    | Audio streamed over Dante

    Live Recording Mix Setup:
    Windows 10 with Dante Virtual Sound card

    Thanks in advance!

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    Is the audio going into your recording computer before it goes into the Qu?

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    Sounds like the QU is being used as a pure surface?

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    @airickess Yes the audio is going to the computer and like @xapbob observed, QU is basically just a pure interface as DAW control so it is easier to mix the recording live on-site.

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    When you take Dante out of the equation, can you get the Qu-16 to DAW control Reaper? Should be really straightforward to setup. Did you watch this video?

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    @gravyface Thanks! I did try it, but because I’m running Windows 10, it won’t work since the DAW control driver from A-H is only for Mac.

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    You don’t need the DAW Control driver to control a DAW. DAW control only maps “Qu MIDI” to the HUI protocol, which allows to control faders and mutes. Using the native Qu MIDI protocol allows much more remote control. You just need to configure your DAW properly.

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    Update: I was able to get QU16 to work as the control surface for playback from Reaper.

    Anyone know how to send from Reaper to Qu16 while there’s a live audio stream coming from Dante?

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    Dick Rees

    Yo, Sarge…

    Why not just record the tracks on a nice, approved hard drive, then load them into Reaper for post? You don’t want to be changing things during recording (levels, EQ, dynamics). You want nice dry, stable tracks with the possible exception of live mixing a stereo mix or possibly stems.

    What do you need to “control” in Reaper while recording tracks? The only thing I can think of is setting track marks.

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    I have a guy doing the live mix on an X32 and I’m doing the recording on the Qu. But it’s true, if we do post instead of live, the mix would be more stable. I guess we just want to save the trouble of post if we can do it live 😛

    No real control needed in Reaper while recording. Basically just acts like a bridge from Dante to the Qu where I can do the recording mix. I might be asking for too much tho…

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