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    Buford T. Hedgehog

    Is there a way to turn off the Overwrite function on an Avantis show file? We have a default setting for our system (called Buford Basic) that is opened before each event. This sets the console back to our basic setup configuration. Since we have multiple operators doing shows at our facility, we would like to lock out the “Buford Basic” show so it can not accidentally be overwritten. I noticed that there are three “default” shows on the console with red symbols which can’t be overwritten (see attached image). Can I do the same for our Buford Basic show? (Note I created a console reset scene in Buford Basic which returns the console to our default settings and Locked it out, but someone can inadvertently overwrite the show file. Thanks much in advance.
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    Suggest you save “burford basic” to a couple of other shows, like “burford basic2” and “burford basic3”. To have a backup when the first file gets corrupted.

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    Buford T. Hedgehog

    We already do that.
    I also have a locked scene called Buford basic reset in a couple of shows.

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    The lock function in the scene management system accomplishes already this. I mean you could ask A&H to create another “lock” system and call it something else, but it would work the same way as the existing lock mechanism. Obviously a user HAS to have the ability to turn that feature on/off or otherwise it would simply be another “default” scene that can’t be written over at all.

    We don’t use “users” in our set up. Is it possible to give only certain users the ability to unlock the scenes? I suspect it is, but the firmware reference guide doesn’t actually say what “permissions” can be given or denied user groups. That could be a way to prevent certain users from being able to turn the lock feature off.

    I will add another note that if your users use the third party app Mixing Station, it does not follow the “lock” scheme of the scene management system. You can use Mixing Station to load/save scenes on the console and it will overwrite scenes that are “locked” on the console without any additional warnings or steps. Effectively Mixing Station ignores the fact that a scene is “locked” on the console. In the same way, it ignores user permissions, so it is possible that a user with Mixing Station would have access to certain things that the same user on the console would be locked out of. The developer is looking into this “issue” to see if it can be corrected, but I haven’t heard any recent updates about this “issue”.

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