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    I’ve had my QU16 since 2014. I have done nothing but baby it. All in all I think I have used it about 20 times. Last week I had to take it to a repair ship in Kenosha Wisconsin. They told me they didn’t know what to do for it and I would probably have to send it to Allen and Heath. My QU16 is peaking on all channels and I can’t get it to stop. This has been an intermittent problem since 2015, but it would eventually stop after about 10 minutes. I am SO pissed. I paid too much money for this mixer to be having problems like this!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @keefus

    Sorry to hear this, it’s obviously not the experience we’d wish or expect you to have, nor the experience of most users.
    Whilst we do everything we can through the design and development process, and QC every single unit before shipping, things can unfortunately fail.

    Anything intermittent and time related can be tricky, but being based in the US, the best thing to do is contact our distributor AM&S (if you haven’t done so already).
    They have a dedicated support team and will be able to fully check over your Qu to find out what exactly is going on and put it right.


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    That’s bad news Keefus, but sadly things can wrong, especially in something so complicated. It only takes one rogue element to wreck things. Just wondering why you didn’t get it sorted in 2015 as it would still have been under warranty, but that’s easier to say than do.

    FWIW, I have had a Qu 16 since 2016, A Qu-Pac since 2017 and a new backup Qu-Pac for a year and they all work as if fresh from the factory (still waiting for the Sq Pac!!!). The good thing is I think A&H genuinely do care about their customers. You wouldn’t want to be in this position with some other manufacturers I could mention – a quick trawl of the FB pages will tell you that!

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    Have you tried a factory reset and firmware update?
    I had a problem early on with my QU16 with it going all unstable, and a factory reset fixed it.

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