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    I just finished a musical. Short run of 5 performances, but large audiences as attendance was over 12,000 total. We had 48 wireless mics, 24 signals form the orchestra pit, plus sound effect playback and a few other miscellaneous mics. We ran monitors from FOH.

    It was complicated enough that we used two operators and dual surfaces. We really only needed one cue list, so I ran the surfaces with surface roles set to “None.” This allowed scene recall to be linked across the surfaces.
    (Defining surface roles disconnects linking across surfaces).

    While in theory either surface could recall scenes, the scene pointers were not synchronized across surfaces. So, to store or a recall from both surfaces, special care had to be taken about which scene was selected for store or recall, and it just wasn’t worth the trouble to do that. The result of this was that in practice, we designated one surface for all scene stores and recalls (although if we needed surface parameters to recall for a scene then we had to make sure we stored on both surfaces).

    Does anybody have any tips for improving this? Ideally I’d prefer that scene selectors would be synchronized across surfaces when surface roles are not in use. But maybe there would be unintended side effects of that too.

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    Does the software “TheaterMix” support multiple devices like that? ( That might be an easy and immediate solution.

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    Thanks for pointing out that option. At this point dLive is not in the list of mixers supported by TheaterMix, although Avantis is, and I seem to recall reading somewhere on these forums that dLive was in development.

    The only published interface I have found for third party control of dLive is the TCP MIDI. That uses program change messages for scene recall but there are not any defined interfaces for the scene selector, so I doubt a third party interface would have that.

    I find the dual surface documentation to be less detailed than I would like. For a while, certain dual surface behavior seemed unpredictable. After I put in some time experimenting and inferring internal implementation details, I now feel like I at least know what will happen.

    Maybe it’s time for me to do some more research…

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    Yeah, I can understand if A&H doesn’t think there’s enough of a market for sidecar surfaces, but I do wish there was an explicit sidecar mode you could put a second or third surface in that’d (among other things) synchronize all that stuff.

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    @msteel After reading this thread, I discovered that TheaterMix is now listing the D-Live as a compatible console.

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