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    Hello Allen and Heath community,

    I’m writing because I recently bought a SQ7 for our church. I am wondering how can I expand the channel input. It comes with 32 on the back of the mixer, can I use the ar84 to add more channels or the ar is only a remote rack but not a channel expander?

    If so… what accessory do I need to expand the input channels of the sq7?

    Thank you for your help

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    Mike C

    The AR84 would get you 8 more inputs and 4 more outputs.

    Here are more choices…..
    SQ remote stage box choices

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    Heirloom AVM

    AR2412 and/or AR84 can be used and they run @ 48K. DX168 runs at 96K. All are expanders and will add additional input channels. How many more channels do you need?

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    Oh okay, thank you. Yes I need the 40 channels for now. It’s just that I was hesitant with the SQ and the AR84 because I was using the AR84 with Qu-32 but on the 32 it doesn’t give you additional channels, it just acts as a remote snake -per se-.

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    KeithJ A&H

    @EmmanuelX – There are two parts to this which are often confused (understandably!), so just to clarify:

    Input processing channels (or just input channels) are the digital input channels which carry out audio processing.
    If you come from an analogue background, these can be thought of as like everything after/below the gain pot.
    The number of input processing channels is determined by the mixer, which in the case of the SQ is the XCVI core that has 48 input processing channels available.
    These input channels can be sourced/fed from either analogue (e.g. local or remote XLR) or digital (e.g. USB or Dante) input sockets.

    The maximum number of input sockets in a digital system is usually more than the maximum number of input channels, because with digital patching you can easily and instantly switch sources.
    You can also make use of these sockets using the Tie Lines feature, which routes any input socket to any output socket without applying any processing to the signal.
    For example, the SQ-7 can have over 300 input sockets connected, but will always be a 48 channel mixer.
    With Qu the maximum number of input channels is matched by the number of local input sockets, hence your comment about it being either local or remote.

    Another thing to point out is that without any expanders connected to your SQ-7, you could source the first 32 input channels from the local XLR inputs and the remaining 16 from USB and therefore mix 48 input channels i.e. those 48 input channels are already there.

    So in short, using expanders or option cards increases the number of available input/output sockets in the system, but does not affect the capabilities or input channel count of the mixer.

    The SLink connections document ( https://www.allen-heath.com/media/SLinkConnections_V1_5_0.pdf ) may also help, just note that all numbers are referring to the amount of input/output sockets and not channels!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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