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    I’ll just say that if you use the third party app, Mixing Station, you can save the current levels of a monitor send. This would allow you to save/create individual musician “mix” presets and recall them without affecting the scene management system of the console. These are saved on the local device running Mixing Station, not on the console.

    You only need one device running Mixing Station to accomplish this task (ie you don’t have to force all the musicians to change over to the Mixing Station app). The FOH engineer could easily recall a musician’s monitor preset as part of their “set up” responsibilities each week.

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    Brian, thanks for that suggestion. I knew that app already and had experimented with the pro version so I could create custom layouts. So I build a special layout for the musicians to load/save their mixes. Small problem: The buttons to select the mix can be toggled. If all selection buttons are “off” what gets selected is actually the main L+R mix which I definitely don’t want since any musician can easily mess up the main mix this way.
    For anybody interested, there is a solution I found on the internet to overcome this.
    The solution is to break the toggle action of the SoF buttons. Create each SoF bus select button and define two actions. Set the first action to select the target SoF bus but with Invert on. Set the second action the same but with Invert off. It sounds bizarre but it does work. The button can change the SoF target but it can’t turn SoF off.
    Anyhow, a loophole remains. When one presses the folder icon within mixing station app to load/save mixing setups it is possible to select a different mix channel than the currently active mix channel. That can be done via the multi selection field as part of the load/save menu of the mixing station app. So, again, musicians can select a “forbidden mix” and load a setup onto that (although this way it must be done rather consciously).
    I have not found a way to create a 100% save solution though.

    Have I overlooked something?
    Any further suggestions are very much appreciated!
    I still wished I could skip all this hassle and it all could be done within SQ4You App…

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    Mixing Station isn’t the answer to this until A&H upgrade the SQ network stack. You can only run 2 instances of Mixing Station before it overloads.

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    As I mentioned in my post, you don’t need to force the musicians to use Mixing Station to utilize this feature. Just have your FOH engineer have one instance of Mixing Station available where they can load each musician’s “saved monitor mix” (using Mixing Station’s unique feature to do this) before each practice/event. They should also save any changes made during practice so that they are reflected in the mix the next time the saved mix is loaded. Then musician will continue to use their current method of controlling their mix.

    Utilizing Mixing Station in this manner prevents any of the issues that Karsten and Nottooloud mentioned from becoming an issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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