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    For me, the SQ MixPad app is great.
    All my kit lives in a ground-floor storeroom but I can configure it from my office in the loft conversion via Ethernet.
    (SQ6 – S-link and Dante I/O cards, 2 x AR2412 etc)
    Even cooler that having a desktop PC with 3 x 24-inch HD screens, I can work with the Lines List on one display, MixPad on another and Dante Controller on the third.
    Woo-hoo, Mr Smartypants happy as a pig in doo-doo….

    Now, here’s the thing.
    It’s a trifle tedious paging across blocks of eight faders or scrolling up/down/sideways in I/O but I appreciate that the app is optimised for tablets.

    What would be fantastic would be a future option to extend the display across two or more monitors, AND being able to view much more of the desk surface in doing so.

    I’ve tried stretching MixPad across two monitors – all it does is make the eight displayed fader strips look morbidly obese.

    I have a feeling that the internal display architecture might not allow enough video resolution to make this possible.
    But in my head I have a dream of an Ethernet-connected hi-spec PC with perhaps an Acer Predator gaming monitor at FOH, repeated at backstage/monitors, with massive acreage of the desk visible.

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    At least the Android Version of Mixpad can show 16 channel Faders.

    Go to: Setup, then MixPad.
    see the picture.


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