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    I have a 16ch recording session taking place in the next few days and I am at a lost. Someone please HELP!

    I have given up connecting the SQ7 to ProTools for now. I would like to multitrack record to the SQ Drive (USB). For the most part, I have the input patching to the USB setup, but I can’t hear anything when I am recording it. I can hear what I have recorded via playback of the track on the USB.

    How do I hear what I am playing while I am playing it.

    Better context of the recording session for the reason why hearing the instruments is necessary:
    2 keys
    2 guitars
    1 bass
    5 Drum mics
    1 Drum Pad
    2 Strings
    3 mics for Winds

    As much as I would like to record directly to ProTools, I can’t figure out how with the SQ7 and will save that dilemma for another post.. For now, I just want to multitrack record and will dump the tracks into ProTools for all of the post work. Live, the musicians really need to hear the keys, bass, and guitars. Thanks for your help!!

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    Mike C

    For musician monitoring or control room monitoring the mixer would be set
    more or less like a regular live sound mixer supplying monitor mixes via the aux outs and a mix for control room speakers.

    You do need to set up the aux mixes (you have the choice between a group or aux and set up the output routing assignments as needed.
    For the control room speakers you may want to assign the output feeding them to the PAFL so what ever channel or mix including the main LR that you select PAFL on will be sent to
    the speakers.

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